Jet Charter

Premium travel experience for both business and personal travel. We elevate your travel experience by offering direct access to your destination, flexible flight schedules, customized services and a high level of privacy and comfort. You can fully customize your flight by choosing from our wide selection of jets that are most convenient for you. We will arrange your flight at the most convenient time and place for you, making your travel process as comfortable as possible.

Shared Flights

Experience at a more accessible cost. By combining flights where passengers share similar routes, this service enables each passenger to significantly reduce flight costs. In this way, the comfort and flexibility of a private jet is combined with the cost-effectiveness of commercial flights. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, our Shared Jet Flights service brings you a fast, efficient and luxurious travel experience

Private Jet Charter

Offers the highest level of luxury and flexibility to personalize your travel experience. Whether for business or personal travel, we offer the best service with the highest level of privacy and security. We offer a wide selection of private jets to suit you and your travel needs. We help you plan your travels in the most efficient way by arranging your flights at your preferred time and place. We are also here to provide any customized service you may need during the flight.

Empty Leg Charter

It allows you to enjoy the private jet experience in a cost-effective way. While private jets return empty to the starting point or another destination after a specific flight, we share these 'empty departure' flights with you. This costs a percentage of standard private jet charter costs, while providing you with a luxurious and comfortable private jet experience. In the event that your flight schedule and destination qualify for empty outbound flights, this service invites you to travel quickly and luxuriously.

Darren Ellis CEO of MAKSkyline

Personalized Luxury Travel Experience

Combining Flexibility, Privacy and Ultimate Comfort

It offers the ultimate in luxury and flexibility to perfect your travel experience. Transcending the limitations and inconveniences of commercial flights, our service allows passengers to make the most efficient use of their time and reach their destinations directly and comfortably. Jet Charter is the perfect option for fast and flexible travel for business purposes or comfortable and luxurious experiences for personal purposes."

Furthermore, customized services and a high level of privacy are another key feature of our Jet Charter services. Our passengers can fully personalize their flights according to their own needs and preferences. This includes many different aspects ranging from flight times, catering, crew selection, flight routes, etc. This level of personalization gives you an excellent experience at every stage of your journey."

Offering the highest level of safety and peace of mind. All our flights are carefully planned and executed to meet the highest safety standards. Furthermore, an experienced and professional crew is at your disposal to cater to the passengers' every need during the flights. This provides the perfect peace of mind and comfort for both business and personal flights.

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Jet Charter membership

It is the most effective way to personalize your travel experience and gain full access to the world of luxury travel. We provide our members with access to jets of all sizes and specifications from our extensive jet fleet. Moreover, we maximize the flexibility of your travel plans by offering the possibility to arrange flights for our members anytime and from anywhere.

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Jet Charter Unlimited Access

It allows you to organize your travels with more flexibility and personalization than ever before. Unlimited access means you can access our vast fleet of private jets anytime and from anywhere, whether for business or personal travel. This service provides direct flights to your destinations around the world, which reduces transit times and makes your flying experience more efficient and enjoyable. Unlimited access also gives you the ability to fully customize flights according to your own requirements and preferences.

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