Exclusive Access

MAKSkyline Exclusive Access is a comprehensive service that offers members an exclusive and privileged world. We strive to understand the specific needs of each client and provide them with exclusive experiences. We offer access to exclusive events, speciality restaurants, concerts, sporting events and many other luxury venues. We also offer various privileges such as special travel arrangements, VIP accommodation and exclusive shopping experiences. We are here to add luxury and unforgettable moments to your life with MAKSkyline Exclusive Access.

Bespoke Member Events

We know that each of our members has different interests and tastes, and that is why we personalize our events to suit the needs and expectations of each member. With this service, we support you in the process of planning and organizing various events such as special celebrations, business events, cultural activities or social gatherings.

Entertainment Access

We provide access to a wide range of entertainment options for our members, from the best concerts, theater performances, sporting events and special events to VIP events and limited access experiences. This service offers you not just a ticket, but an unforgettable experience.

Sporting Events

We provide you with priority and limited access to events. Whether you want to watch a tournament live, have a VIP experience or get the best seats to support your favourite athlete or team, our team will create the perfect sports experience for you. Our Sports Events service connects sports fans to the most exciting events around the world, making every moment unforgettable.

Darren Ellis CEO of MAKSkyline

Privileged experiences for a select group

Access to exclusive events and luxury venues

Is a pioneering service that brings together privileged experiences offered exclusively to a limited group. We aim to add unforgettable moments to our members' lives by providing access to exclusive events and luxury venues. We offer VIP access to concerts, sporting events, art galleries, fashion shows and many other special events. We make our members feel special by taking them to exclusive events.

We maximise our members' travel experience by offering special travel arrangements and VIP accommodation. We take into account the wishes and preferences of our members and offer privileges such as private flights, luxury hotel accommodation, private transfers and personalised tours. We carefully organise every detail to ensure they have a comfortable and luxurious travel experience.

We connect them with luxury brands by offering special shopping experiences and personalised services. We offer privileges such as special discounts on fashion, jewellery, cars and other luxury goods, personal shopping consultants and access to exclusive events. We listen to what our members want and provide them with unique and personalised shopping experiences.

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Exclusive luxury experiences for a limited group

MAKSkyline Exclusive Access opens the doors to luxury experiences offered exclusively to a limited group of members. We offer a privileged service to make those special moments that our members dream of come true. We aim to add luxury and unforgettable moments to our members' lives by offering many different privileges such as participation in exclusive events, accommodation in luxury venues, special travel arrangements and unique shopping experiences.

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Open the doors to luxury and privilege

Exclusive Access offers a comprehensive service that opens the doors of luxury and privilege to its members. We help our members to experience special and unforgettable moments in their lives by enabling them to enjoy privileges such as participation in exclusive events, accommodation in luxurious venues, special travel arrangements and exclusive shopping experiences. Take a step into the world of luxury and privilege you dream of with MAKSkyline Exclusive Access.

Membership Services


The personalised travel services offered to our members are provided by our Travel Consultants who work diligently to make their dream holiday a reality.

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Lifestyle Services

It offers the best privileged opportunities to improve the quality of life of its members by providing services tailored to their personal needs and requirements.

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Restaurants & Nightlife

MAKSkyline provides access to the best restaurants, nightclubs and members' clubs around the world, according to the preferences of its members.

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Real Estate

It helps property owners with professional managers to optimise their properties, develop marketing strategies and find the best tenants.

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Weddings & Occasions

With a service full of privileges designed to make your special days unforgettable, you can plan the most important days of your life in a completely personalised way.

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It is designed to select the best training programmes and institutions, enabling members to make the best and most accurate decisions about their education and future.

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Exclusive Access

It gives you early access to popular events that are normally closed to the public or have limited ticket sales, allowing you to enjoy exclusive passes and VIP experiences.

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It helps our members discover their interests in art, follow new art movements and have unique art experiences.

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Health & Wellness

Guides our members in the practice of healthy living, while keeping them informed of the latest health trends and innovations.

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Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping consultants research products, monitor the latest trends and offer specially selected products to our members.

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Exotic Car Rental

We have a collection of special and rare vehicles. Each vehicle has been carefully selected to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our members.

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Yacht Charter

Offering the ultimate in comfort, privacy, freedom and flexibility, our luxury yachts have been carefully selected to give you the opportunity to explore spectacular destinations around the world.

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Helicopter Charter

By taking into account each member's wishes, it plans the most suitable route to the chosen destination and makes the helicopter trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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Jet Charter

To provide our members with a personalized and flexible travel experience, we design your trips to be completely under your control, when and where you want.

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MAKSkyline's "For Businesses" memberships offer companies comprehensive support and privileges for business travel, corporate events and VIP hospitality. These exclusive memberships are designed to help companies run their business more efficiently, effectively and successfully. Business travel is essential to business growth and expansion.

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Consultancy Services

Our Brand Experience Strategy service examines customer interactions with your brand and recommends strategies to improve these interactions. With the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, we increase your brand value.

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